APPROACH: We offer unique, customized and creative outreach and when e-mail fails we pick up the phone for direct contact. We don't believe in mass e-mails as people should not be treated as a number. These are great candidates who are contacted everyday, but we touch them in a different way to generate response. 

EXTENSION: We assess who our client really is and the values that make them a great employer. We go to market with a true depiction of the role and culture as we are a partner of your brand.

SERVICE: We are not just a resume service, we take the time to document the market feedback on your brand. We keep detailed notes of comments, compensation and market intelligence. This is valuable information for future searches and how to approach the market to continue to be a sought after employer and attract top talent.   

SUPPORT: We offer a high touch service. We go beyond recruitment and offer HR support services, which are often pain points for startups. We manage internal applicants, referrals, onboarding and benefits administration. 


executive search

Dotted Line offers retained executive search for companies who are looking for leaders to fit their organization.  Our executive assessment gives you the assurance you've selected the candidate with the right skills, experience, and qualifications.


Dotted Line recruits talent at any level. For entry, middle and senior management positions. We offer a wide range of support for temporary, contractual, full-time and project staffing.


Dotted Line will work with you to identify your business needs related to recruitment, retaining and developing employees, and customizing a solution that will work for you and your company.


We develop client-specific “Onsite” solutions (implementation through delivery), aimed to improve the candidate experience. We help to prepare candidates ahead of time for the expectations they will face in their new role. For example, dress code, hours of operations, what to bring on your first day, lunch policies, parking and any other day-to-day needs.


We offer a powerful skill and behavioural assessment with pre-employment background, reference and credit checks to give you a cutting edge tool for hiring right - the first time.


The “Time and Materials” model offers targeted recruitment that is a different approach to finding better candidates, with a more efficient process, at a lower cost.  This hourly program guarantees that your small, mid or large size business with specialized role requirements has a tailored approach to direct sourcing.

Pre-employment screening

The process of determining whether a candidate is qualified for a role based on skills, qualifications, certifications, experience and cultural fit. We take a deep dive into a candidates background to assess important background information that can be proven to be inaccurate based on our in-depth telephone screen.

The Dotted Line team did an impeccable job helping us identify individuals that would be a fit for our firm. There are many wonderful aspects to the relationship that they forged with us, and we highly recommend Dotted Line. As our team expands in the future, it is this team that we will look to.
— John Osborne